Recovery Toolbox #1

It’s important to take advantage of the “good” moments to set things up to make it easier to get through the “bad” moments. So today – or the next time you’re feeling great and strong in your recovery, take out your phone and do a google search for something that makes you happy. It could be “cute animals” “happiness quotes” “funny pictures” or whatever it is that cheers you up when you’re down.

Pick out 15-20 of your favorites and save them to your phone. Then, create a folder and name it something awesome, like “Happiness” “Insta-cheer” or “Open for a Good Time.” Make it an inside joke with yourself (or don’t). Move all the pictures you just saved into that folder.

Boom. You now have a tool that you can pull out at anytime you’re feeling down and tempted to reach out for your old crutch.

You aren’t doing that anymore -it’s not even an option – so you need to have a healthy choice that’s even closer at hand.

Personally, I have several folders for different kinds of hard times. One is called “Happiness.” Another is “Hard Moments.” There is also “Be Present” and “Motivation.”  Some pictures could fit into multiple folders – it really doesn’t matter. It’s just one more tool in the box that helps me stay in the game. Here are some pictures from my folders – start with these if it makes it easier!


baby racoon


pajama bros

baby pig

good boy

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