Day 56

I got a sponsor. It felt like asking someone on a date! I met this woman at my first meeting ever, and got a really good vibe from her. She was on my shortlist of 2 for women I was considering asking. She continued to text me and check on me after that first meeting […]

Day 51

Man the day count has seemed to go slow since day 30! Sober vacation #1 (this time around) is a wrap! I successfully navigated 4 days in Seattle with my boyfriend, brother, and brother’s girlfriend, all of whom still drink. My brother and his girlfriend offered not to drink if I preferred, but I said it was […]

Day 38

I told my therapist yesterday that I am surprised how motivated I am by the monthly AA chips (I just got my 2nd, 30 days, last Friday). She said oh, you like the positive reinforcement? Why yes. Yes I do. As evidenced, perhaps, by the 3 (THREE) sobriety tracker apps on my phone? I’ve known that […]

Day 19 and IOP

Hey there. So, I joined an Intensive Outpatient Program. It’s 4 days a week, for a total of 9 hours. There is group therapy, individual therapy, lecture, and a mindfulness class. If my boyfriend can make it work with his work schedule, it will go up to 10 hours a week with the addition of […]


I’ve been struggling lately. I’ve struggled to even say that – not because I don’t want to admit it, but because I’ve been happy lately, and for most of my life, I’ve defined happiness as my life’s goal. But in terms of sobriety, I’ve been struggling. I fell off the wagon with my first sober vacation […]

Recovery Toolbox #1

It’s important to take advantage of the “good” moments to set things up to make it easier to get through the “bad” moments. So today – or the next time you’re feeling great and strong in your recovery, take out your phone and do a google search for something that makes you happy. It could […]


Well, it’s been 3 months and 2 vacations since my last post. I have also – spoiler alert – had 3 lapses since my last post. I’ve worked hard to examine these failures, or stumbles, or whatever you want to call them, and to use them to strengthen my recovery and teach me about myself. […]